Message From The Sheriff
SHANE JONES  ( read )
Emergency: 911
24 Hrs Non-Emergency:
Detention Center:
Crime Tips:
#3 Emergency Lane
Russellville, AR 72802
Administrative Office Hours:
8:00am - 4:30pm M-F


IMG_1961[1].jpg  Bookkeeper:  Marjie Hurley-Walker

Collects and disburses all felony fines and fees, disburses restitution checks from felony  and misdemeanor convictions, enters court dispositions, prepares weekly parole violation reports, maintains and balances bank accounts, receipts and disburses bonds from incarceration and other duties as assigned.  Mrs. Hurley-Walker was hired at the sheriff's office in January, 2013. Her office number is 479-968-2558.


Pam.jpg   Circuit Court Clerk:  Pamela Anderson

Maintains and data entry for public service records, collects both felony and misdemeanor fines. Works with probation and parole for balance and or delinquency for payment info. Assists the book keeper as needed. Mrs. Anderson began working at the sheriff's office in June, 2022. She can be reached at (479) 968-2558 ext.  1016.



            Chey Reel_1.jpg   Warrants Clerk:  Chey Reel

Chey Reel Coordinates the entry and execution of all felony and misdemeanor warrants, child support, civil body attachments and orders of protection, validates and confirms warrants, prepares extradition paperwork and other duties as assigned.  Her office number is 479-968-8787. 


 Information Technology Specialist: Shane MillsShane.jpg

Installs, maintains and repairs all electronic communication equipment, computer equipment, in-car camera equipment, trouble shoots problems within the network, maintains and updates server, installs and maintains all monitoring equipment, prepares video and audio evidence for court proceedings, maintains and updates video conferencing equipment. Mr. Mills' employment began with the sheriff's office in December, 2014.


   District Court Clerk:  Ally Darter      Ally Darter.jpg                                       

Collects money for misdemeanor fine payments and felony payments in the bookkeeper’s absence, enters traffic citations into the court system, attends district court hearings each Tuesday of the week, and other duties as assigned.  Ms. Darter began working at the sheriff's office in January, 2024.  Her number is 479-968-2558, ext. 1026.


Office Manager:  Charla Langford  Charla.jpg

Preparing the annual budget, managing the operational budget, preparing payroll for 88 full time employees, preparing press releases/media relations, procurement, providing notary  services, preparing and submitting affidavits for purchases, scheduling , TAC Officer, ACIC class scheduling, audits,  NIBRS submissions, timekeeping, scheduling time off for administrative staff,  back-up warrants entry and second party signature and other duties as assigned.  Mrs. Langford has worked in various capacities at the Pope County Sheriff's Office since April, 2013. Her direct office number is 479-968-6634



CID Secretary:      

The CID Secretary is responsible for transcribing interviews of suspects, victims and witnesses.  CID Secretary prepares case files for the investigators and also prepares statements and reports for prosecution.  CID Secretary is the evidence custodian and oversees logging and releasing evidence and other duties as assigned.   CID Secretary may be reached at 479-968-2558, ext. 1054. 


RECPTIONIST: Tammy Lay  Tammy.jpg

The receptionist greets the public, answers questions as well as directing phone calls. She is responsible for accepting shipments, packages and deliveries. Mrs. Lay schedules appointments for sex offenders, is responsible for providing incident and accident reports and assists with video visitation. Mrs. Lay has been with the sheriff's office since November, 2019. She may be reached at 479-968-2558.