Message From The Sheriff
SHANE JONES  ( read )
Emergency: 911
24 Hrs Non-Emergency:
Detention Center:
Crime Tips:
#3 Emergency Lane
Russellville, AR 72802
Administrative Office Hours:
8:00am - 4:30pm M-F
History of Sheriff's Office

Sheriff TPBishop 1955.jpg  The Pope County Sheriff’s Office was established in 1829 when Sheriff H. Stinnett was placed into office.  He served from 1829 to 1830.  During its 187 year history, the Pope County Sheriff’s Office employees have strived to provide the county with excellent law enforcement, public service and public safety. The original sheriff's office and jail was housed in the Pope County Courthouse, holding a maximum of 10 prisoners, before the current facility, at #3 Emergency Lane, was completed in 1982 during the term of Sheriff James Bolin.  In 2000, with Sheriff Jay Winters in office, the facility was expanded to house more prisoners and to increase space for officers and administrative staff. There are currently 88 personnel employed fulltime with the sheriff's office and detention center.   

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The sheriffs serving Pope County since  1829 are H. Stinnett, J.J. Morse, W.W. Rankins, S.M. Hays, J.W. Jones, J. Hickey, R.H. Howell, J.L. Linton, D.C. Brown, J.B. Erwin, G.B. Fondren, W.H. Williams, J. Petty, J.W. Stout, J.F. Clear, J. B. Erwin (2nd term), Joe Petty, R.B. Hogins, J.W. Quinn, John R. Young, W.J. Johnson, S.A. Henry, J.R. Young, W.J. Johnson, S.A. Henry, J.R. Young (2nd Term), J.M. White, J.M. Hatly, F.M. Oates, R.Y. Oates, J.W. Danley, W.J. Chambers, D.A. Gibson, W. Turnbow, Will Eustice, J.L. Bell, G.C. Nugent, J.L. Bell, D.A. Bewley, J.S. Forehand, Guy Hickman, Jim Mabry, Terrell P. Bishiop, Bob Rankin, Otto Brinkman, Bill Abernathy, Larry Darter, James Bolin, Jay Winters, Aaron Duvall, Shane Jones

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